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Comment by DYSTENIUM Online Community on October 6, 2015 at 6:38am
Yes! Great idea!
Comment by Alex Nodopaka on October 6, 2015 at 12:28am

I returned hoping to find lives but instead I found absence. Maybe a poem to write on the subject?

Comment by Alex Nodopaka on June 1, 2015 at 2:18am

I finally got around to finding this site where the bios of illuminatis are calligraphied on gilt scrolls. Frankly speaking I feel humble, me, who without Google at my fingertip, couldn't write a plainly good decent sentence in English.


As to my biography I was lucky all my life this far. I was born in a Slav country and as a consequence I  was swaddled to the point that to this day I can't stand a tucked sheet at the end of my toes. Being small, I ducked the German occupying armies in Kiev then fled hidden under transport truck benches, with my parents through several ravaged European locations. Our fleeing ended in Morocco where I spent many happy years. A portion of my legionnaire's life, about 3 years, was spent ducking the North African revolution until they won their  independence from France.


Thereafter I ducked the French draft by emigrating to the USA where I ducked the French and American draft by serving in the USAR. Then I went back again to educating myself and was decked once and for all except for making money.


Having succeeded at that and then having lost most of it in the 2008 real estate debacle I was still left with enough to be called a trailer-trash owner.


Since then I am happiest pursuing culture and intellectual affairs and am content to distribute my literati gifts to the 4 winds since I strongly believe in FREE education... lol and look forward to my penultimate fun retirement before my final one. I hope to leave enough trash for my inheritors to waste their lives sorting it out instead of living their own life. I forewarned them of that!

Comment by Donald Odom Jr on May 18, 2015 at 7:59pm

Brief Biography

Before founding DYSTENIUM LLC - Publishing for The Third Millennium™ in 2010, Don Odom was Executive Editor of Science and Clinical Medicine at Oxford University Press. Prior appointments included senior life and biomedical science acquisitions and editorial management positions at Wiley-Blackwell, Inc. in Malden, Massachusetts, and The Humana Press (today a part of Springer) in Totowa, New Jersey. He is also past Managing Editor of the European Journal of Public Health headquartered at Karlstad University in Karlstad, Sweden, and past Editor at the Stockholm International Peace Research Insitute in Solna, Sweden.  He now resides in upstate New York with his wife, Lisa, and his son, Donald III.

Comment by Dianne Tchir on January 2, 2012 at 12:54pm
I wish our clever young poets would remember my homely definitions of prose and poetry; that is, prose = words in their best order; - poetry = the best words in the best order."

Samuel Coleridge
Comment by Carole Rossi on March 21, 2011 at 3:09pm

Left on earth as an infant by lower middle class parents, who had to jettison

extra weight to make it back to the Beach planet of Sandincrack  7 on what was left of a depleted fuel supply.

Space Dad, as was his custom, had blown all his Fusion Credits in Vegas playing black jack and frequenting trans-gender dance reviews….

So, I was left with a loving family of earth dwellers, who were in the habit of taking in children from other worlds.

A love of literature was bestowed upon me by my earth Father and a love of sarcasm by Kurt Vonnegut…

I have worked in virus research, medical investigations, technical writing, drafting, design and ego rustling…

I have been ripening on the vine for quite some time and am full of untapped, heady, intoxicating musings, which will impact the senses as a finely age bouquet or a unendurable stench in the nostrils of polite society….

In other words, like other writers, I am a rich compost pile of untapped potential…

Cheers and Blessings…

Carole L. Kenyon

Comment by DYSTENIUM Online Community on March 21, 2011 at 11:21am
For 25 years, I have been privileged to work with some of the finest editors at some of the finest publishing houses in the world, both in commercial and not-for-profit settings.

In establishing DYSTENIUM LLC - Publishing for The Third Millennium™, my goal is simple - to put this cumulative experience to work in publishing the finest books possible while producing minimal environmental impact.

Companies I've worked for
Oxford University Press; Wiley-Blackwell Publishing; The Humana Press, Inc.; Karlstad University; Stockholm International Peace Research Institute; Prentice-Hall, Inc.; Walsworth Publishing, Inc.

Schools I've attended
MSSc, Stockholm University; DiplSSc, Stockholm University; BS, University of Maryland

Comment by Montse Pericot on May 6, 2010 at 9:31am
Nancy, It is wonderful to have a support by your side. I've had it both ways and it is great to have our own Dream Cheerleaders in our lives. We are the best role model for our kids and although I don't like to role model "mommy at the computer all the time" they work right next me to and see the pleasure i get in my work. Our teenagers, my own son is 12 and barreling forward to that age I study about in my child development coursework, are such a treat and such an inspiration. It is wonderful to see them develop into people beyond our imagination. I simply gave birth to them, and then they did their own thing!
Comment by Montse Pericot on May 5, 2010 at 11:46pm
I am a mother, an observer, a professional marketer and event producer, and a poet, a photographer, social entrepreneur and a writer amongst many other things, and I use these skills and opportunities to study how children’s experience affect their entire being and outlook.
I am also fortunate to have gone through many things in life which has exposed me to the trials and challenges of parenting while happy, while sad, while married, while divorced, with step kids, without, with a career, or while disabled, with a family support, and with no one around, with money, or without, with kids in public school, private, and home-schooled, with an only child at home, or with many in the house.
I have traveled the world during different stages of my life, and have seen the diversity of parenting, and what it entails depending on the social, ethnic or economic situation. As our society has evolved, children’s basic physiological needs are being met in many parts of the world. However, after basic needs, parenting becomes more complex as children’s needs become more complex. As we become a more complex society and in turn children see themselves as individuals who are more open to ideas, worldly in their play, experienced in the good and the ugly of the world, aware of social dynamics, and own who they are, we must learn how to honor, support and encourage their growth and journey toward self-fulfillment.
My goal is to bring simplicity to the process of raising children and helping them reach their highest selves, and fulfill their potential. When I mean fulfill their potential I mean, “their” choice and “their” passion and the best that blooms from within them. I believe we are guides to these children, but children have their own ideas and their own passions and what one child considers their dream life, another finds too taxing and structured.
I tell my children to do their best in whatever they do and do what they love. To do that, they must know themselves and be confident and balanced.
In order for kids to be confident, happy and balanced, their parents need to have the support, knowledge, and skills to parent from a place of calm and certainty. This is the other component I hope to bring to parents in all stages of life and situations. No one made a parenting manual, and even if they did, today it is totally outdated with our changing society and social structures that changes the way we consider and see children. Today, our children are very unique and come in a variety of colors and flavors.
Call them spirited, active, shy, indigo, crystal, special needs, or easy, they are all hoping to bloom with your help.
I hope my ideas, links and ruminations will support you in parenting from a place of peace, calm, love and with a positive outlook.
Every child is a seed. Be the light that helps them bloom.
Montse Pericot

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