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Marieta Maglas posted a blog post

The Desert

There's somethingto teach in the desert- holy words,not simple words.'Tis about some thirst.'Tis about one huge desert,which is always peopled bya lot of walkers,those moribund walkers with small, leaden eyes,eyes like lost objectsand really not usefulat night.At night,many, tiny, miscellaneous stars start to shinein that unique, leaden sky,but even so,it is hard to see around.Those ancient stars become golden leadersfor those losers walkingand singing heavy songs,but searching for new pools…See More
Jan 11
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Nov 23, 2016
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Apr 4, 2016
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Mar 2, 2016
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Mar 2, 2016
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Jan 6, 2016
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Frederick and Geraldine (Part 11) by Marieta Maglas

Khadjibey was controlled by the Ottoman Empire As a part of Yedisan in the Silistra Province. To build a fortress named New World was the Turks’ desire.Carla said, '' This meeting has been chosen by The Providence.''Carla concluded that Geraldine was an American, But Geraldine did not understand the confusion.She learned Spanish from the Jews, who were Spain citizensComing to…See More
Dec 6, 2015
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Nov 29, 2015
Marieta Maglas's blog post was featured

Frederick and Geraldine (Part 10) by Marieta Maglas

(Geraldine was walking on the deck while waiting nervously for Fredrick. Suddenly, he appeared while speaking quickly and gesturing.) ''I've waited for you all day long to come up with some fuel.''''I went to buy charcoal, water, and outdoor lamp oil.At a crossroad, I've seen a stage driver who has been so cruelTo whip his horses to run faster; the oil spilled on the soil.He drove a…See More
Nov 29, 2015
Marieta Maglas's blog post was featured

Frederick and Geraldine (Part 9) by Marieta Maglas

''It's a fuel crisis, because of the lack of supply, ''Said Athan, ''many mines exploit lead, copper, and iron.''''They are smelted with charcoal, which only some people may buy, ''Said Karsten, '' some people have the powers of the lions.'''' There're heavy demands for the forests to build castles, Cathedrals, houses, ships, mills, and machinery, '' said Cruz.''The fuel for glass and…See More
Nov 22, 2015
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Nov 17, 2015
Marieta Maglas's blog post was featured

Frederick and Geraldine (Part 8) by Marieta Maglas

(Geraldine, Maya, and Pedra were talking in the kitchen while drinking some Jasmine Yin Zhen tea.) ''Between Bosphorus and Dardanelles, the waters are calm, ''Geraldine Said, ''I love the life and the sea while being on this ship.''Maya said, '' Let me see the meaning of the lines in your palm! ''''I worked a lot; I can't feel my hands when something I grip.''Maya insisted, ''…See More
Nov 15, 2015
Alex Nodopaka commented on Marieta Maglas's blog post Frederick and Geraldine (Part 7) by Marieta Maglas
"What an interesting way of telling a tale. I look forward to read the other parts."
Nov 11, 2015
Marieta Maglas's blog post was featured

Frederick and Geraldine (Part 7) by Marieta Maglas

Chiara, Arturo's wife, approached them together withLucca and Francesca, the other Italian pairSaying, ''Is Quare's invention real? I think it is a myth.'''' His barometer measures the pressure of the air.''Chiara wore a red big gown, with lace trimming the low, A green velvet mantel, which was lined with some ermine, Square neckline and sleeves, which were gathered at the elbow. She spoke well…See More
Nov 8, 2015
Marieta Maglas's blog post was featured

Frederick and Geraldine (Part 6) by Marieta Maglas

Mary had nine cannons to defend against the pirates.The passengers lived in large cabins having low ceilings.This carrack was steered by Sam, the best between pilots.Three decks and the crew's quarters made it look as a building.Their quarters and the captain's house were on the upper deck.With a long boat and a shallop, this carrack was safe.The kitchen was near…See More
Nov 1, 2015
Marieta Maglas's blog post was featured

Frederick and Geraldine (Part 5) by Marieta Maglas

The ship had left the port two hours before GeraldineSaid, ‘’I feel that I'll never turn back here again! ’’She passed through the waiting line formed to use the latrine.Suddenly, she heard a thunder in that rush of rain.They had insufficient fuel, but enough food to lastUntil their arrival in Çanakkale; the kitchenWas quite large and Maya started to cook very fast.''Maya, what…See More
Oct 18, 2015

An Eye for An I

An Eye for An I

An all-seeing eye of cosmos opened
within me having an epistemic sense of
power. The rain trickled down the oval-shaped

wet window. 'Twasn't a blue eye, yet 'twas bluing.

The blues of the stars
were trickling
out of their core. Over
your tasting part of the tongue full of sensations
about itself, suffering words
struck the silence between us. I could not
comprehend their sense- their meaning

sank in the sadness of the rain.

The blues were absorbed by this rising dreariness.
I couldn't see you. Nor could I
achieve the tranquility of mind. However,
I might presume that God might see this.

Marieta Maglas's Blog

The Desert

Posted on January 11, 2017 at 2:35pm 0 Comments

There's something

to teach in the desert- holy words,

not simple words.

'Tis about some thirst.

'Tis about one huge desert,

which is always peopled by

a lot of walkers,

those moribund walkers with small, leaden eyes,

eyes like lost objects

and really not useful

at night.

At night,

many, tiny, miscellaneous stars start to shine

in that unique, leaden sky,

but even so,

it is hard to…


Black and White

Posted on April 4, 2016 at 3:43pm 0 Comments

The reality of your dream

Is a mask turned backward-

Black over white, black over white

Love over pain, love over pain.

Hey, take me to yourself.

The dream of my reality

Is the backward of that mask

Turned backward-

White over black, white over black

Pain over love, pain over love.

Hey, come to me.

Come to self in self

In that place where

Everything can be

Black into white when it's taken from us,

Or white…


Your Cubic Slang

Posted on April 4, 2016 at 3:37pm 0 Comments

Enclose the closeness

in your soul,

Enclose it as you enclose

the twins ''co'' in cornucopias.

Enclose the gray transparency

in your sky, when it is so close

to your coming clouds.They are the dimples

of your cognitive space,

they are your hollow thoughts

when you set your ideals

at naught.

Those clouds are inside of your gray

as close as

the twins ''co'' are in the cocoon.

Those clouds are…


Cryptic Kiss

Posted on April 4, 2016 at 3:27pm 0 Comments

'I' is ‘Me'

'We' comes out of the ‘I'.

I don't know myself nearly

as well as I think I do, but you know

me better than anyone else.

I'm more than

this kinesthetic intelligence of us

trapped in this great chain of being that belongs to all of us,

when it gets stuck bouncing around between

this logic and this consciousness, which is

so limited that, when too much

is asked of it, it starts dropping things.

I'm realer than you,…


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At 10:41am on October 2, 2015, zachary klein said…

Hi--nice to meet you!

At 7:50pm on October 1, 2015, Dennis John Ferado said…

Lovely work Marieta I truly enjoyed perusing your poetry. Thank you for your friendship

At 5:29pm on October 1, 2015, Jack Maze said…

Thanks Marieta.  It's good to have friends.


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